The Process

  • FULL DISCLAIMER. We do travel STANDBY, unless a confirmed flight has been arranged. This means there is a possibility that we MAY need to change the flight itinerary or airport at any point durning the delivery based upon the number of seats available on the plane. This does not occur often and is not something to be overly concerned with. Our success rate for same-day deliveries are very high. ALL pets must be at least 8 weeks and under 20 lbs. The pet must be able to fit in a soft sided carrier that will be placed underneath the seat in cabin.
  • Typically you will give us 2 dates that work for both the client/breeder, breed of the pet, age, expected weight of the pet during the time of delivery, and the airports for the pick up and drop off. We primarily service major airports.
  • The party responsible for payment will secure the delivery date with a NON REFUNDABLE deposit. The form of payment will be arranged with the booking party and the Pups On The Fly coordinator prior to confirming dates for the delivery.
  • It could take up to 48 hrs for your delivery request to be processed and scheduled. Once the flight information is confirmed by the Pups On The Fly coordinator we will send the booking party the flight information to confirm.
  • Your Pups On The Fly coordinator will reach out to both parties via group text 2 days prior to the delivery date. Delivery details will be provided including meet up times and locations.
  • All parties will be updated with pictures of the puppy once in the possession of the nanny, and about any changes and/or flight cancellations throughout the delivery in the group text. ALL conversations with the flight nanny concerning the pet delivery should be discussed in group text ONLY.